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Record high against the USD at 6.35; further appreciation is still expected in the short term

Appreciation of the offshore yuan — intraday highest against the USD at 6.35874

The offshore Chinese yuan (¥) or Renminbi (RMB) breached the 6.40 level, traded at an intraday high of 6.3960 against the Greenback (US Dollar or USD) on Tuesday 25 May 2021, a level strongest since June 2018. The level is considered as a psychological barrier that is key to the…

Broken, extraordinary and turbulent. A world in distress. What’s next for 2021?

Photo by Larry Teo on Unsplash

2020 is an extraordinary year for many and it is one for the history books. As with traditions, it is the time to reflect on what has been done and can be done better the following year(s).

A global pandemic: Novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

2020 was off to a roller-coaster start. Whoever that lived through the events…

Airlines can also move towards less reliance on the volatility of oil price and fuel hedging

An aeroplane flying under white clouds during daytime
Photo by Jan Rosolino on Unsplash

Every once in a while, a huge event happen. Some events are so tremendous that create an impact on our lives and change how the way we live. In the year 2020, there is one such event that is no stranger to anyone across the globe. It has disrupted our…

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